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USA | Arkansas Little Rock 501 235 | 501-235



State :Arkansas | City : Little Rock | Couny :Pulaski

Time Zone :Central (GMT -06:00)

Description : At&t Local

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Unknown Unknown 23 Jan 2:00 pm
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As someone else commented, this dimwit, nitwit, moron, stupid, nincompoop called at 11:52 am yesterday and again at 2:57 pm today. Hung up after 1st ring both times. This is our business number and we have a voice mail. Stupidity seems to be the badge of honor these days. Some moron has been telling these morons that making cold calls to try and see if they can find a live sucker will make them money and these morons keep listening to that stupid advise. Panasonic Call Block on high alert and number has been blocked. So the nincompoop can keep calling because their call will be disconnected after the 1st ring which will be music to our ears.
Sarah Bullock 23 Jan 2:05 pm
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You better believe it!

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